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Why Advertise On Spiritual Endeavors?

This page contains all the information about advertising on the Spiritual Endeavors website; 
why we're the best place to advertise anything that is within the general area of spirituality,
and why Spiritual Endeavors' advertising rates are probably the lowest you'll ever find.

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Why Spiritual Endeavors is now Accepting Advertising

Spiritual Endeavors has been on the web for almost 20 years. In the beginning we did weekly updates, continually adding material. Within two years we were getting over two million visitors a year and were one of the top ten destinations on the web. We became a US government recognized non-profit educational organization. Everything was was going great. Then, without warning life took an unexpected turn. For over a decade, it was a rare moment when any attention could be given to the website - But it contained enough high quality content to keep about a million people visiting every year.  

Shortly after we were able to begin turning our focus back to the website, problems began developing. The code behind the site had become antiquated and the infrastructure could not support the newer internet standards. The website began to collapse.

The cost of re-writing the entire website from the ground up was phenomenal and well beyond our reach, and we could not find any volunteers with the right skill set. Time, and options were running out. We were on the verge of making the final decision to shut the website down and walk away.

The idea of raising funds by taking advertising on the website was at first unthinkable, but as the shutdown became inevitable we had to take a serious look at the possibility. After all, National Geographic Magazine went the route of taking advertising, and it worked for them.

It was decided to re-design the website, keeping certain areas of a page set aside for advertising, and as the funds were generated they would be used to finance the continued rebuilding of the website. This was decided towards the end of 2013 and the rebuilding began immediately. The website had all but completely fallen apart and the traffic dropped to less than two thousand visitors a month. Although Google still listed about 400 pages from the old website, visiting one of those pages did not mean that it would be readable.

This is where we stand now: we have partially rebuilt about one third of the necessary infrastructure. We have some (less than fifty) pages totally re-coded, up and running, and we're adding to them as finances dictate. Our traffic has grown from less than 2,000 a month at the end of 2013 to over 25,000 unique visitors in January 2014. We currently have about 1000 old pages in queue for re-design and re-coding, and at least a couple hundred new ones  The plan seems to be working.

Many Paths - One Destination

Spiritual Endeavors is the oldest continuously running spiritual site on the web. We are independent of all organized belief systems, religions, traditions, dogma, and philosophies - both old and new - while we embrace them all.

"Wherever you find yourself, or whatever path you may be traveling, it is absolutely perfect for you - in this moment. That said, we must always keep our eyes open and our mind seeking what truth may be awaiting us in the next moment."

         ~ I. Aaron Thunder Hart,  Founder, Spiritual Endeavors

This acceptance of all paths is probably the main reason for Spiritual Endeavors' success. All our material is presented to aid in a deeper understanding of a chosen path. But even more importantly, it is presented to expand a soul's horizons, introducing and encouraging the exploration of new things, new disciplines, new philosophies, and to present new tools that may lead to the discovery of new and deeper truths. This makes Spiritual Endeavors the perfect place to advertise just about anything of a spiritual nature - and at a low price that you wouldn't expect.

You can be assured that your marketing dollars are spent wisely, reaching the perfect audience - If someone was not interested in exploring, expanding, or understanding things that fall within the arena of spirituality, they would not be visiting our website. And we are not competing with our advertisers - Spiritual Endeavors is not invested in pushing or selling any particular product, service, brand, or philosophy. We are more like a library - a repository of spiritually orientated insights and information. And like a library, we are not trying to get rich - we just want to cover our expenses.

That's why you can market your products or services to our thousands of spiritually inclined, receptive, seeking visitors every day.... in most cases, for less than a dollar a day!

Acceptable Advertising Content

Spiritual Endeavors accepts advertising for products and/or services that fall within a Spiritual, Holistic, Environmental, or Altruistic field. Products or Services that fall outside those areas are subject to editorial review and approval. As an example, Spiritual Endeavors would welcome an advertisement for a line of clothing or computers. We would decline  an advertisement from a big oil company.

How Our Advertising Works

Advertisements are purchased by the location on the page(s). We understand that everyone has a different budget, and although advertising rates on Spiritual Endeavors are unbelievably low to begin with, we have endeavored to be reasonable and fair in assigning a value to each position. It is important to us that small endeavors have an opportunity to market their products or services at a very affordable rate.

There are two types of pages on the Spiritual Endeavors website. Main Pages, such as the site's home page, and the Index Pages of the various sections of the site such as, the Inspirational Stories Index, the Basic Spirituality Index, etc. And there are content pages that contain the many articles, interviews, etc. Each handles advertising differently.

On the main pages, there are three places reserved for advertisements. Two, the header and lower positions, support a small banner. A wide banner is supported in the footer position. HOWEVER, most main pages are lengthy so the footer advertisement also appears in the middle of the page - making the footer position much more desirable in terms of both size and exposure.

On the content pages, the small and the wide banner ads are handled as above. IN ADDITION,  there are also skyscraper ads which run down the right side of the page. There are three set positions for the skyscrapers - position #1 is at the top, followed by position #2 and then position #3. 

Position #1 is generally reserved for a tall skyscraper ad and position  #2 is usually reserved for a small skyscraper ad. But there can be exceptions.

Content pages can be lengthy, in which case we repeat the 1-2-3 pattern down the right side of the page, Thus, there is exposure both at the top of the page (when the attention has not yet focused on reading the content), and again at the bottom of the page (when the attention again opens and is receptive to the advertisements.

As with the main pages, long content pages will also feature the footer ad in the middle of the page content, sometimes more than once.

Special Placement Advertisements are either a small banner in the header position OR a tall skyscraper in the #1 position that are placed permanently and exclusively on a specific content page. The benefits of this could be phenomenal as Spiritual Endeavors rarely removes material from the site. That means if we had this advertising opportunity back when we first started the website, there would still be ads running continually for almost 20 years... making the cost of the Special Placement Advertisement equivalent to about the cost of buying a single plain donut at the grocery store once a month.

Special Placement Advertisements were originally intended for use by authors
of articles on the Spiritual Endeavors website. It was our way of saying "Thank You" for your contribution. For example: If Jane Smith penned an article on a Tantric Meditation Technique, a Special Placement Advertisement at the top of her article's web page could lead visitors to her web site... or perhaps to the ordering page of one of her books on Amazon.com. And as we optimize every web page for highest search engine placement, a special placement advertisement could bring countless new visitors to her site... or lead to tremendously increased book sales.

Dan Millman, author of the spiritual classic, Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, and other well known books, once jokingly commented to us, "What good is my having a website? Every time someone feeds my name into a search engine, they get that interview on Spiritual Endeavors at the top of the list. I'm lucky if my website shows up at all on the first page."

Special Placement Advertisements are now open to everyone - not just authors. For example: If we have an article by a famous author and expert on The Pyramids, this could be just the spot for a spiritually orientated travel agency to market their "Pyramid Adventure Tour" with a permanent advertisement . What a way to insure targeting a specific - and interested audience!   

Advertising commitments are paid in advance for three month intervals. Our Advertising Calendar divides a year into quarters, or 3 month intervals:
First Quarter - Feb 1 to April 30
Second Quarter - May 1 to July 31
Third Quarter - Aug 1 to Oct 31
Fourth Quarter - Nov 1 to Jan 31

Normally, advertising is purchased in advance (for one or more quarters) and begins on the first day of a quarter. 

-  (Anything less and we'd have to create a department to keep up with the bookkeeping.)  Payment may be made by check sent through the postal service or by Paypal, adding 3% to cover their processing fee. You do not have to be a Paypal member to utilize their payment system.

Advertising Rate Chart
Page Placement Rate/mo Size w x h Impressions/mo1   Availability Relative Cost Per Day  
Top small banner $45 440px x 90px 5,000 ^ Yes Less than half the price of a cup of coffee  
Lower small banner $35 440px x 90px 5,000 ^ Yes Less than half the price of a cup of coffee  
Footer wide banner $35 900px x 90px 5,000 ^ Yes Less than half the price of a cup of coffee  
Position 1 - tall skyscraper $40 160px x 600px 5,000 ^ Yes Less than half the price of a cup of coffee  
Position 2 - half skyscraper $20 160px x 600px 5,000 ^ Yes Less than the cost of a US Postage Stamp  
Position 3 - tall skyscraper
160px x 600px
5,000 ^
Less than $ 1
Special Placement
one time fee 2
160w x 600tall
440w x 90tall

Buying 1 donut at the supermarket a month!

1 Impression figures are low estimates based on last months traffic. Our traffic is steadily and quickly climbing on a daily basis as the redesign and update of the website proceeds. The redesign and update is a tremendous task, but we expect to be back up to our previous traffic flow of over two million visitors a year by the beginning of 2015.

2 This rate is reduced to $180 if you are an author / contributor to the Spiritual Endeavors website. Our way of saying "Thank You for your contribution.
Advertisement Rotations: In order to keep each page "fresh" and irredundant, each advertising location is equally shared by 5 advertisers. Each time a page is viewed, each advertisement in each location on that page has an equal 1 in 5 chance of being displayed. This is handled by a script that has proven to be as close to "random" as possible. At the end of the day, each advertisement has been shown as close to equally as possible - usually within a couple showings of every other advertisement in that placement. So based on 25,000 unique visitors last month, each of the 5 different advertisement allocated to a position will receive about... a minimum of.... and in reality, much more than 5,000 impressions in the coming months.

Advertisement Design:  All Advertisements must be submitted in either jpg or gif format. If you do not have an experienced professional to help you create your ad, you can use ours. Design rates are $50/hr, and most advertisements can be completed in about a half hour.

Again, Why Advertise On Spiritual Endeavors?

It is the perfect place to advertise to reach an open, seeking, spiritual audience - and the price is astonishingly low.

Ready To begin? Click here to contact Aaron. Send him your telephone number and the best time to call.  He will be more than happy to further discuss your advertising campaign on Spiritual Endeavors.

Online payments - Click here. Please remember to add 3% to cover processing fees.

Related links:       Advertising Contact     |      Payments



Please support our sponsors - They help keep this site free!
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Spiritual New Age Spirituality Meditation Enlightenment

Please support our sponsors - They help keep this site free!







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