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Fred Sterling

Fred Sterling






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Fred Sterling Fred Sterling
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The Great Shift

an interview with Rev. Fred Sterling

Rev. Fred Sterling is Director and Head Pastor of the Honolulu Church of Light. His journey into truth, trust and passion occurred over 10 years ago and today his life is filled with this adventure.

As you will see throughout the interview, Fred is involved in many things. Many of which are combined into Prophecy 2000 - a multi media presentation that encompasses his new book "Kirael: The Great Shift", a CD released by Dream Catchers (each song representing a chapter of his book), his healing ability and the enlightening energy of Kirael (channeled by Fred). Put these altogether into a spiritual/metaphysical, channeling, healing, musical event and you can begin to understand this truly delightful man.

Catching Fred alone with a few spare minutes is nearly impossible, as the following interview shows. We had arranged a private chat room on the Internet to conduct this long distance interview. Even out there in cyberspace, we had people popping in. And as you will see in the interview, I was particularly grateful for the presence of Gerald Hugh de Heer.

(The acronym LFAS used throughout this interview refers to the Low Frequency Acoustic Sound testing by the US Navy. LFAS generates sounds that are reported to be 10,000 times the sound of a 747 taking off. Sound, at this volume, can be fatal to any living thing.)

A: Aaron Thunder Hart / FS: Fred Sterling / GH: Gerald Hugh de Heer

A:  Fred, you're a healer, trance channel, minister, author, environmentalist, and a world activist. Just about every time I sign on to the Internet, there's something new staring at me that shows you've been busy. Your latest endeavor, stopping the insidious LFAS testing off the shores of Hawaii and healing the whales, dolphins, and other marine life that have suffered from it, has ignited a million people into a beautiful synchronized action that has stopped the testing, and created an awesome wave of healing energy that crossed multiple species barriers. As a physical demonstration of what a powerful earth changing force focused love can be, this has done nothing short of bringing about a new hope for humanity. What have you been up to that isn't so earth changing? Let me re-phrase that… Hmm… what were you doing earlier today?

FS: Well, I've (been) preparing for my guest appearance at the San Francisco Whole Life Expo. I believe the Whole Life Expo engagement is going to be a great opportunity to bring Light to the mainstream. I'll be talking about the Prophecies of the New Millennium, and sharing from my new book, “Kirael: The Great Shift”. And I hope this is alright, I will be sharing with the audience the great reception I experienced in Las Vegas - especially from the people at Spiritual Endeavors.

A:  Thank you. I was indeed privileged to be present at the Mirage for the grand beginning of your Prophecy 2000 tour. I know that this tour will take you all across the country, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the next time we get together on the Internet, you'll be talking from Europe or Australia. Will you have many opportunities to return home to your beautiful Hawaii in between engagements?

FS: Some. I will be home for the Prophecy 2000 event here in Honolulu on April 29th at the Ala Moana Hotel.

A:  So even when you're home, you're working. May your energy be as limitless as the message you bear! Fred, I know you think of yourself first and foremost as a healer. Yet I believe your book, "Kirael: The Great Shift" is going to make you more known as an author. How is this new role setting with you?

FS: Sometimes I find it overwhelming - as people have taken to the message so strongly. I most assuredly am a healer foremost, yet now I am coming to the clarity that by being called an author, this affords me the opportunity to do healing on a global basis.

A: And you certainly haven't wasted any time here! The global effort you mounted to stop the LAFS testing was phenomenal. I know that there were many others involved, and some members of Greenpeace were even putting their life and health at risk, but it was the synchronized effort of love and healing which you organized that actually brought those destructive tests to an end.

FS: I participated in it, however it was the combined energy of almost a million people, in all parts of the world, synchronized and focused on a singular cause that brought the results.

A:  Fred, you're much too humble!

[GH pops into the private chat room] Hi Fred, Hi Simon, Hi Carol.

A:  Hi Gerald. Help me out here... Fred is being much too humble.

GH:  Fred is a humble guy.

A:  We were talking about stopping the LFAS testing and his role in it.

GH: As an observer to the event in Las Vegas, and having read some of the messages that have come in from all over the world, and seeing the actual physical results back here in Hawaii, I would have to say that Fred was most instrumental.

A:  Okay Fred, I've got an eyewitness here…

FS: Okay. What we did was to organize an event. We set a specific time in which participants would focus their love and healing energy - by chanting Om - and direct that energy towards stopping the underwater LFAS testing and healing the damage caused by it… especially the damage afflicted to the whales and dolphins and other marine life. There were many involved in spreading the word - and getting still others involved - in what came to be known as the "Global Oming". On the day of the Oming, I was at the Mirage in Las Vegas preparing for the Prophecy 2000 appearance later that evening, so I participated - along with others - from the dolphin habitat at the Mirage. When we arrived at the habitat, we discovered that one of the dolphins there happened to be ill and in need of healing as well.

A:  So you, and other participants, I would guess the band, just started Oming at the habitat? I'm sorry I missed that!

FS: It was beautiful.

A:  And what was the results of the Global Om?

FS: Well, the ship which the Navy used for the testing returned to port soon after the Global Oming event.

GH: And with the ship returning to port the LFAS testing ended almost one month ahead of schedule. It has not left port since.

FS: Okay, and we've received mail from people around the world, sharing their healing experiences during the oming. Many have expressed an overwhelming feeling of love that came over them during the event.
GH/ Whales not normally seen in Hawaiian waters have been sighted this season; There are reports of Orcas, Sperm, Pigmy, and Fin Whales. According to the March 30, 1998 Edition of the Honolulu Advertiser, these sightings are "unusual" as these species are not "normally" seen in this part of the world.

A:  Thank you Gerald, I'm glad you're here. So Fred's efforts in this area have had global implications spanning multiple species, including humanity, of course, and he's acting like it's all in a days work.

FS: That's because in truth it is. It is my fortune to have beautiful people around the world, like yourself, that know how important it is for the world to understand that together we all face extreme changing times. It is only through the collective consciousness that we can return to heart energy. If I am a part of that then so be it.

A:  If you are a part of that? Perhaps a major player would be a more accurate term.

But let's talk about your book… I've read through The Great Shift and have found it to be material that desperately needs to be out there. If everyone had access to it, the world would be a different place. You know, there's hundreds of books out there that talk about the coming shift. Your whole book is about the present. I think that's a powerful statement in itself. Many people are still in denial here.

FS: Good point. One of our greatest concerns is trying to show the world that we are already immersed in the Global Shift. All one needs to do is read their daily newspaper and see the horrendous happenings around the world. It is time that we no longer look to someone else in correcting the ills of Mother Earth and begin to look within the Self.

A:  I agree. Your approach is refreshing. When you were speaking at the Mirage, and I'm talking about you speaking, not Kirael, you mentioned the recent shootings by the young boys. I think that must have made headlines all over the country. Yet you did not draw any conclusions about the incident; you merely asked the people to think about it… not to forget it… not to let it slip by. Most teachers would have taken the opportunity for a long discourse to expand upon their views… or suggest a cause and cure for it.

FS: Exactly! My mission is not to give the answer - but moreover to have each person be able to individualize their journey. That way the masses are empowered. This incident was very tragic and each had to heal a part of self to help assure that there is an answer to all tragedy.

A:  And what would the world be like with the masses empowered?

FS: Empowered from the space of love - miracles happen. As I said at the Mirage, my belief is that Jesus Christ came to the this earth plane to teach two basic principles and they are love and healing. If the world should lean heavily towards this message then things like this shooting incident can be averted. You know, as people approached me later that evening, many asked how I would deal with the children and the parents. Instead, of answering, I asked each person what they learned from this incident? I believe there were a few who were disappointed because I had no input on the vast array of punishments suggested for the boys. In other cases I was very pleasantly surprised to hear that they had understood completely - that there was a realization - that they understood just how important is was for them to talk to and communicate with their own children. I can not emphasize that enough. Talk to your children! Simon, can you imagine the change it would bring to our earth, if each parent would communicate from their heart to their children.

A:  I dream of that day! I dream of the day when we can all talk to one another that way. This to me is what sets you apart form many other teachers, Fred. You, like all great teachers - or maybe I should rephrase that to all real teachers - You are not offering your answers. Instead you are encouraging people to think, and come up with their own. I have found
encouraging others to think for themselves a most difficult - but necessary - task.

FS: I agree. Yet as I journey through this, I am afforded the ability to heal Self. My belief is simple. When we as individuals begin to concern ourselves with this healing, Mother Earth receives a tiny bit of healing for Herself.

A:  And where does karma fit in the healing process?

FS: Ah! The great school house of life! If it is true that we come to this earth plane to experience all that can be experienced, then we must be prepared to learn from what we perceive as mistakes, and use every part of this beautiful journey to fulfill our lesson plan.

A:  What would you say your personal lesson plan is?

FS: We all have predominantly the same lesson plan. That is to evolve back into the Creator's light. On my individual plan, I believe part of my mission is to awaken myself into the light so brightly, that those seeking their own truth can feel safe in sharing the journey.

A:  There are some who would say, "Fred, it's easy for you. After all, you have Kirael.

FS: Yes, there are some who would say that. And in truth, they would be partly correct. Yet, and I know you would understand this, although being with Kirael has led me to a path filled with excitement, it is a path filled with a multiplicity of demands and challenges.

A:  I understand only too well. People think that because you have a special relationship with a non-physical being, life becomes a bed of roses. But these great non-physical beings only do for us what we hope to accomplish with others - stretch us beyond our presently accepted limits. I believe I told you this, but when Kirael was doing that live channeling on the internet, I had the most wonderful experience. I felt Kirael's presence here in the room… thousands of miles away from where you were. And I must comment that it is very great indeed. Awesome, to say the least. How do you ever manage to hold on to it? Has this created one of those challenges for you?

FS: Kirael's energy was never meant to be held… only to be experienced. In truth, most all who have read the book share your feelings. When more time is allowed, I would love to share some of the comments I receive from across the country... such as children holding the book in times of stress… and an older Japanese lady who awoke in the night suffering tightness in her chest and somehow was led to just hold Kirael's book against her… and was instantly relieved.

A:  I can relate. How do you explain this?

FS: I am not at this time ready to explain this phenomenon - only that I know it is truth.

A:  I can relate to that, too. There is much that can not be explained at this time because we communicate through an extremely limited language with no words for the deeper and greater concepts. Explaining Kirael's energy to others is way beyond my ability with the spoken language… I think one must communicate such things through the language of the heart… or it must be experienced… to be truly understood - as yours also. And people in Las Vegas will be extended that opportunity again… soon. Fred, would you like to let everyone know what might be in store for them during your upcoming visit?

FS: Thank you. I am so excited to let people know of my next visit to your wonderful city of lights, and the events that will be shared at Spiritual Endeavors. First of all, I would like to point out that I will not be there alone. I will be sharing the stage with Kirael and our topic at the Gathering on May 19 will be "The Female Energies that Surrounded Christ". We just had a similar event here in Honolulu and the place was packed! He will also - I am sure - speak about the Galactic connection so prominent in your area. These are the topics that are planed… and of course, the good thing about sharing the stage with Kirael is that he always knows who is in the audience and somehow always seems to speak directly into their heart.

Then… I believe we're going to be doing a Signature Cell healing class. This is a class that not only teaches how to heal, but moreover how to heal Self. I believe you will be publishing a more detailed description of that. We will also be doing private Fred / Kirael sessions for two days during my stay. Is it okay if people contact you about those?

A:  Of course.

FS: Mostly, I'll be experiencing the thrill of the warm reception I experienced when I was last in your city…and I hope together we can begin a new and lasting healing relationship for all.

A:  I'm looking forward to that! Fred, I know time is at a premium for you, and Carol has just let me know that she can't push back your schedule any further, so I'll just ask if there's anything you would like to add?

FS: Simon, I just got the same message. But in answer to your question, your questioning has allowed me the opportunity to open my heart and feel free. I could never ask for more.

A:  Fred, as always, you have been very gracious.

FS: As you. Aloha is a word we use here in the islands that has multiple meanings. Yet in this case, it is meant to convey my love and appreciation for the opportunity you have presented to share our message.

"Aloha" my friend. "Aloha".

About The Author

Fred Sterling

About The Author

Rev. Fred Sterling / Kirael 's first book, "The Great Shift" has been available only a short time and and the second is already in production. Although it will not become available to the general public until early 1999, Fred shares these few pages from it's introduction. Fred Sterling, Honolulu Church of Light 575-A Cooke Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 Telephone: 808-591-1113

Mission Statement: To prepare for the Shift in consciousness by loving all, beginning with sharing and healing ourselves.




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