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Here you will find many basic points of view expressed from the various paths of spirituality. Interestingly, it is impossible, (with rare exception) to discern what path the author is traveling - as the information presented will generally fit very nicely into all spiritual paths. We have arranged them alphabetically by title. A gold star signifies one of our more popular pages in the section.

A Conversation With Aaron Thunder Hart  - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 
This interview covers so many aspects of spirituality, it’s impossible to list them all here. Included are some deep aspects of the spiritual nature covered in a light and flowing manner. Easy to read, entertaining, humorous, and filled with insight; this lengthy interview has been divided into three segments.

A Conversation With Bijan Anjomi
A Spiritual Endeavors exclusive interview and conversation with two times "Mr. Universe" and founder of Effortless Prosperity, Bijan Anjomi, in a discussion with Aaron Thunder Hart, founder of Spiritual Endeavors, on World Peace, Effortless Prosperity, Belief Systems, and more.

A Conversation With Dan Millman
A Spiritual Endeavors exclusive interview and conversation with best selling author Dan Millman (Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, etc.) about Socrates, the New Age, Money, God, Spirituality, Enlightenment, and more... in a discussion with Aaron Thunder Hart, founder of Spiritual Endeavors

A Conversation With Dr. Raymond Moody
A Spiritual Endeavors exclusive interview and conversation with Dr. Raymond Moody, the man who coined the term, "Near Death Experience", and brought NDEs to the attention of the world in a discussion with Aaron Thunder Hart, founder of Spiritual Endeavors

Birthing The Fifth Dimension
Although written specifically for Asian readers with a Buddhist background, true wisdom translates well into any language or circumstance. By Rev. Sadharma, Vipassana Meditation Master & founding member of the International Buddhist Meditation Centre, Bangkok.

Chicken Coop Thinking
At times an experience in daily life can trigger an understanding of a dream - by Al Bouchard.  

Dali Lama's New Millennium Message
The Dali Lama Speaks to the world with a message for the new Millennium.

The following pages will soon be re-formatted into the new S-E design, but are presently only available through the links below... in the old format on the old web site.

Hopi Elders Say Earth Changes Are Upon Us
This article written for the Spiritual Endeavors Newsletter by Aaron Thunderhart is already being translated and re-published throughout the world. It offers some sound advice to those concerned with the Earth Changes.

by Dennis Krum, is taken from the book of the same name and is an insightful glimpse of the awakening process. The entire book has been made available free in Free Stuff.

On Channeling  
by Al Bouchard. All persons are capable of receiving channelings from soul-angelic forces not in a human body.

On Life and Truth
Moving article by Simon Hunt with thoughts on Life and Truth from a source that you wouldn't think likely.

Our Natural Center
Contributed by Patrick Drysdale, author of the soon to be published Path to No Ego, is about returning to God as our natural center.

Perfecting Your Journey
Rev. Fred Sterling, expands upon the old proverb; Feed a man a fish; you feed him for a night - Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

Playing The Wildcard
by ilyes, National Coordinator, Centre for CropCircle Studies / US Network, deals with the lack of the need for leaders in the new paradigm.

Raising A Christian Child In A Pagan Home
So, just how does one raise a child in a faith and philosophy that is quite different than their own? The answer from Greawolff may serve as an inspiration to all.

Rediscovering Lost Tibet
by Jetsun Pema, Sister of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, reflecting on the stirred memories of Tibet, her people, her spirituality and her part in the making of Seven Years In Tibet.

The Cave
A classic piece of basic spiritual understanding, edited by Aaron Thunder Hart.

The Importance Of Balance In Life
Contributed by Rev. Mary, a professional member of A.P.R.T, certified Hypnotherapist, and Ordained Minister.

The Truth of Our Existence
Another article from ZidaZ in South Australia showing that the growth we are experiencing is truly world wide.

Time and Intimacy 
By Joel Bennett, PhD, offers workshops and retreats on time and intimacy for singles and couples.

To Whom Do You Pray?
Contributed by Eric Joshua Bryel, a teacher of channeling.

UFOs, Other Current Anomalies & What They Portend  
by Robert Ghost Wolf, Noted Native American Prophet and author.

What's Your Truth?
A short article about truth by Aaron Thunder Hart